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Guidelines for Community Participation in Data Preview 0

  • The Community Engagement Team
  • the Operations Executive Team


In 2021 the Rubin Observatory began Data Preview 0 (DP0), the first of three data previews during the period leading up to the start of Rubin Operations. DP0 makes simulated LSST-like data products, which are similar to the future LSST data releases, available in the Rubin Science Platform (RSP). The goals of DP0 are to serve as an early integration test of the LSST science pipelines and the RSP and to enable the community to prepare to do science with the unprecedented LSST data set. To meet these goals, the Rubin Observatory will support a total of 600 RSP accounts for "DP0 delegates": individuals who will represent the science community as early users of the RSP. DP0 delegates benefit from an accelerated learning experience with the RSP’s query, visualization, and analysis tools; are free to pursue their own science with the DP0 data set in the RSP; and have opportunities to provide feedback about their experience to Rubin Observatory. Of these 600 accounts, 300 were allocated in 2021 as part of Phase 1 (DP0.1) and 300 new accounts will be allocated in 2022 for Phase 2 (DP0.2). As the number of RSP accounts for community access to DP0 is limited, a set of guidelines for how Rubin Observatory should select the participants is required. This document describes the diversity-driven application and selection process for DP0 delegates, and briefly describes some of the resources, support, and activities that will be available to them.